File Extension File Type Popularity
PKPASS Passbook Pass Format Very popular ( 5 / 5 )

What does a PKPASS file contain?


PKPASS contains 4 types of files:

  1. Signature

    Usually a file without a extension suffix; stores file’s digital signature.

  2. Graphics

    Graphic files are used to display images for passes stored in the wallet.

  3. Script files

    Scripts store access settings for accounts and various pass data.

  4. Environment files

    Environment files store compatibility settings for various operating systems and their versions; settings are stored in separate folders.

How to open PKPASS file?

Accessing PKPASS file contents is easy. PKPASS files are saved as ZIP archives, which means that they can be opened using any archiving tool that supports this format. It is also possible to change the .PKPASS extension to .ZIP and access file contents through the system shell.